Privacy Policy


Our Privacy policy is simple we will not sell customer details to any other organisation. We will keep your details on file simply for reference purposes. We will only send you mail regarding your transactions or news when you subscribe to our mailing list, which you can easily unsubscribe to.


Sound nice don’t they hmmm, sorry to disappoint, these are not of the tasty choc chip variety but are virtual and we use them! Most websites and especially ecommerce websites use cookies as a necessary part of the function of their website, this is not something new or scary or anything you need to worry about.

So what are cookies and how do we use them?

Cookies are little bits of information sent to your computer, that are designed to hold a small amount of data specific to this website, and can be accessed either by the web server or your computer. This allows the website to deliver a page tailored to help you easily navigate back to what you have looked at previously, hold items in your cart while you continue browsing and send google analytic anonymous data that is generally used for statistical analysis of site performance by this and most websites on the web, cookies are also used in the social media bar at the bottom to allow you to visit and interact with major social media sites, such as facebook on the web.

can I turn them off?

You can turn cookies off in your browser settings, however this may affect your shopping experience as they are needed to create a session that holds you items in the shopping cart and will also affect your experience with other websites you browse. Therefore you must be accept and have cookies turned on in your browser settings to be able to get the best experience with our shopping cart.

Are they harmful ?

No, most websites you go to will use cookies for at least one part/function of the site, it is standard practice. They can only be used to store information that by simply surfing the web, you have volunteered already and by visiting a site, the web server already has.

Can I delete them?

Yes as you can all temporary internet files and history through a cleaner (something like ccleaner) or you can remove specific cookies through your web browser settings. It is a good idea to do this periodically anyway to clean out your clutter!

If you have any question or queries please do not hesitate to ask us.

***PLEASE NOTE***Due to a supplier issue we are no longer selling any of the items on this store. We will be changing this shortly with a new array of products, However unfortunatly at this time checkout has been disabled.