How to Create the Perfect Kids Pirate Party!

Make your pirate party an occasion no one will forget with our  top  tips for a fabulous pirate fancy dress party!

The Pirates Party & Booty


Set The Scene

No pirate party would be complete without some serious scenery! Why not get pirate-themed tableware and party bags, or some skull-and-crossbones balloons to help you create the right atmosphere? If the weather is clement, you could plan a beach party – it doesn’t get much more piratical than an outdoor celebration held in a hidden cove…!

Sea Rations

After such exertion, your starving sailors will need to settle their stomachs with some hard biscuit and weak ale! Okay, well maybe a buffet. You could consider using boat or skull shaped biscuit cutters on sandwiches and homemade biscuits to continue the pirate theme, as well as serving other yummy titbits on pirate themed paper plates.

Grog Guzzling

Every pirate loves to drink and after a hectic couple of hours at your party, these little sailors will be no exception! You could serve your normal party drinks in flasks marked with skulls or XXX, or make a few jugs of (alcohol free) punch to continue your pirate party theme.

Booty Bag

It’s time to send the crew back to their dorms and reclaim the main cabin as your own! Wave them off on their way with pirate-themed party bags or treasure chest party boxes full of eye-patches, bandanas, rubber pirate poppers, chocolate coins, flags, and telescopes.



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Pirate Party Games & Entertainment

Pirate Party Entertainment


Treasure Hunt!

If your kids are a crafty bunch, get them making treasure maps on pre-prepared paper. You could soak it in tea and tear off the edges for an authentic look, but make sure you dry it before you start handing it around! Thick black markers would look brilliant for adding detail. If you’re feeling super organised, you could split the children in to small groups and give them something to hide, and then have them make maps for each other to use to find the hidden prizes!

Epic Battle

Whenever pirates get together there seems to be a fight! If you are having an outdoor or beach party, why not make the most of the fantastic British weather and have a water-fight with balloons and (small) water pistols? Or for something warmer on cool days, you could consider hiring bubble cannons and having a bubble and party-popper ‘fight’ indoors.

Sea Shanties

No pirate gathering is complete without a good old sing-a-long and jump about, so perhaps you could wear out your partygoers with a disco or karaoke. Build a nice long mix-CD or make a playlist of good dance tunes and firm favourites to save having to change between CDs or use a radio on the day. For younger audiences, now is a good time to incorporate party games such as pirate-themed pass-the-parcel, or musical bumps/statues.

Feature Films

It’s time to wind down now, so settle everyone down with a few bowls of popcorn and a pirate film. Older audiences could enjoy “Pirates of the Caribbean”, whilst younger children and mixed ages would love “The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists!”



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The Costumes

Fearsome Pirate Kids Fancy Dress

A cool costume is vital for any funky fancy dress party, but where would a captain be without a cutlass to rule his motley crew by? Here at Serendipity we have a handpicked trio of pirate costumes that will suit any style or budget. Our Kids Buccaneer pirate costume is typical crew fare and comes complete with eye-patch, bandana and cutlass, whilst our Captain Child pirate costume is a more statement outfit in bold colours and luxurious fabrics. Finally, our boys peg leg pirate is the ultimate in villainous ne’er-do-well fancy dress regalia; coming complete with eye-patch, skull-and-crossbones hat, cutlass, and mock peg-leg.

P-Peg leg piratefe CPT CaptainRET Boys Pirate Costume
Boys Peg Leg Pirate Costume Captain Child Pirate Costume Boys Pirate Costume
buc-buccaneer-2-lifestyle BUC-Baby Buccaneer-Lifestyle
 Kids Buccaneer Pirate Costume  Baby Buccaneer 

Lovely Lasses

Pirate parties aren’t solely the reserve of young men, and any boisterous fun-loving girl will look fabulous in one of our pirate costumes. However, if your little lady doesn’t favour the high seas, perhaps playing the part of a captured princess would be more down her street. Our girls historical countess costume is highly reminiscent of Elizabeth Swan from the infamous Pirates of the Caribbean films, and would go down an absolute storm!

FLC Floral Countess- Red (3) LR Her Royal Highness Princess Dress Juliet Plum Girls Princess Costume
 Girls Historical Countess Costume Her Royal Highness Princess Dress  Juliet Plum Girls Renaissance Princess Costume

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